The Room Full of Traps

The second (?) floor of the strange tower the party is exploring is chock-full of traps. No, seriously, every single square was trapped.
Above that, there was a hidden pathway in the air to the castle. Jael shoved Kaz out the window! But he didn’t fall to his death, because like we said, there’s a magical invisible pathway, and also he grabbed onto the door.
Czireez appeared amongst us bunch of freaks, much to her dismay, out of a cupboard.
Tath almost died because a Cube ate him, and then Czireez tricked it into the oven, and thankfully, Tath did not burn up alive as well as getting his flesh melted away by cube-acid.
Jael got a tiger cat magically enchanted to look like a tiger, so that’s cool.
We scared Cookie away, unfortunately.



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