Bohemian socialite, welder and glass blower.


Czireez is tall, at 6’1, with sun-kissed skin, icy blue eyes, and unnaturally colorful hair that’s a mixture of vibrant oranges, bronzes, deep reds and golds. Is she human? Something else? She’s really too pretty and has too much of a presence to be anything too normal.

She wears a mishmash of carefully selected bohemian guild garb. An artisan at heart, many of Czireez’s possession have been made or at least modified by her own hands.

Besides that not much is known; she is just off the boat from Tam’ar, was quick to join the crazy adventures of a bunch of strangers, has some personal connection to a Magestia socialite named “Coogle”, likes her drink and has a healthy interest in material possessions.


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