Jack LaCroix, gentleman of the road

Jack looks rather odd. He is clad in all black and he has elven war paint on his face. He also has bright red hair and grey/blue eyes. He has numerous ear piercings. Oh also his comapnion is a giant skeletal creture...


Well, I’m gonna need my character sheet for this, but I promise I’ll put it up after our next meeting (which I hope is soon)


Jack has never felt at home anywhere and so he travels from place to place without settling down.
His mother never wanted him (he was a bastard child) and she especially didn’t want a half-elf child. She was so ashamed that she had his ears clipped so he’d look a little more human.
She got him out of the house as soon as possible by getting him an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith.
He had to leave his hometown once he and his Eidolon, Baesh (the skeletal creature that accompanies him everywhere) appreared.

He stayed with his elven father at a small wood elf village. His father was also a summoner and he trained him for several years.

Jack hated both human and elven life.
He hated how the humans at home saw him as a freak and how the elves he lived with later saw him as an unworthy outsider. It’s because of this that he views humans as ignorant and elves as pretentious.

Because neither of his parents really cared for Jack, he has major trust issues. He’ll probably tell you about them at some point.

Jack has never really had a love interest, he screwed around with a couple of elven boys when he was with his father, but besides that he’s never really had a significant other.

The only friend Jack has had is Baesh. They get along very well and like talking about cute boys they’ve seen on their days journey over a pint of ale and a nice tavern dinner.

Jack has no hated enemies per se, but he has some major mommy/daddy issues.

Jack is the only child sired by his father

Jack LaCroix, gentleman of the road

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