A quirky, fate-obsessed Taglani "professional secret-keeper."


young Tag’lan female, light blue skin, dark brown ram horns, freckles, light brown hair, all-white eyes, under-eye piercings, strange gold & green robes.


Always babbling about “secrets” or “the gods,” Jael clearly has some issues.
She appears to have auditory hallucinations, though there is indeed a strange buzzing noise coming from one of the many ornate lanterns she has on her back. Things seem to go wrong around her – cups flying away, objects moving for no reason – which she seems somewhat resigned to. On the plus side, she does have some talent at being able to tell the fortunes of people she meets.
She claims to know that the party was meant to come together because of the “threads of fate,” but refuses to explain any further.
Recently, she started screaming, and speaking in a frightening, incomprehensible language at the sight of Bosch, Jack’s skeletal summon. She also appeared to have a vision which informed her, in rhyme, of the location of Tath’s father.


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